New Member Welcome Letter

Dear Friends,

As the President of US Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (USCACA), I warmheartedly welcome you joining this unique association. At the recent Joint Annual Meeting of USCACA-ACACR (American Chinese Association for Cancer Research) held in Washington DC, I had a great pleasure to have met many of you; some are old friends of many years and some new friends I met first time. So many of you showed up to demonstrate your strong support for these two sister-associations. I am sure you have heard the annual report presented by Professor Wei Zhang, our Chair of the USCACA Board of Directors.

I speculate that there are several reasons why you have decided or are going to to join our association. You see that USCACA is a non-exclusive organization that welcomes all who want to volunteer their time and effort to support cancer research and education, and USCACA is such an organization that aims to bridge the anti-cancer effort in both US and China, an organization that works very closely with CACA, CSCO, and SFDA, an organization that works hard to bring clinical trials and new therapeutics to China to benefit cancer patients, and an organization that recognizes and awards young scholars who come from China and who return to China to be the pillars of cancer research and treatment in China.

As you heard at the joint meeting, USCACA has formed a partnership with the National Foundation for Cancer Research to transform our USCACA Scholar Award to USCACA-NFCR Scholar Award. In 2010, two outstanding scholars were selected for the USCACA Scholar Award. In the 2nd International Conference on Oncology held on May 21-22, 2014, jointly organized by the Guangdong Anti-Cancer Association, the Chinese Journal of Cancer, and the USCACA, we presented USCACA-NFCR Scholar Awards to three outstanding young cancer researchers. Both USCACA and NFCR have made the commitment to set aside funding for this Award for the coming years.

I am very proud of the fact that the USCACA-sponsored Chinese Journal of Cancer (CJC) has an impact factor of 3.3, a great score for a Chinese journal published in English, which is PubMed-indexed, Open-access, and international journal that is officially affiliated with CACA. We thank all of you who have made and continue to make your contributions to this promising journal. USCACA is proud to call CJC our own journal and we are fully committed to cultivating CJC into a high impact international journal for cancer research in the years to come. Please visit CJC at to become a reader and a contributor.

My friends, on behalf of the executive committee, I welcome you to be part of our organization. We are looking forward to your participation at all levels. We need volunteers to help with the maintenance of our USCACA website where information can be more efficiently disseminated, we need donations to support Scholar Award program and many other initiatives, we need ideas how to do more and better with limited resources and manpower, and we need your time and energy to make our association stronger. Please visit and contact us at to share your ideas. Together, we can make USCACA one of the strongest bridges to connect the cancer research and treatment between US and China. Thank you very much for being one of us.

Welcome to your USCACA!

Qingyi Wei, Ph.D.
President, USCACA
Professor of Medicine
Duke University School of Medicine