USCACA to host a special joint session with CSCO at the 19th Annual Meeting on September 23rd in Xiamen

In this session "New Cancer Drugs on the Horizon - Beyond Check Point Inhibitors", 9 speakers from China and US will discuss multiple compounds in early clinical development. These innovative drugs were selected based on their trajectory to become transforming medicines in the next 5 to 7 years. They target immune-oncology functions (GlTR, OX-40, PD-1), epigenetic modifiers (BET), apoptosis pathway (IAP), and tyrosine kinases (T790M mutant EGFR, BTK, B-Raf). In addition, the session will discuss biology-driven combination strategies to fully leverage the therapeutic potential of immune-oncology agents, as well as personalized medicine approaches to expedite the development and to maximize the clinical value of these agents.

The session will showcase not only compounds in development by multi-national companies such as MSD, Roche and GSK, but also for the first time to feature cancer drug R&D breakthroughs by domestic Chinese companies including China’s first PD-1 antibody to enter clinical trials.

The session will have 4 discussants including CSCO president Dr. Yi-long Wu to dissect the abstracts and presentations and facilitate an interactive dialogue between speakers and audience.

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