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USCACA President Dr. Wei Zhang is Highlighted in AACR flagship journal, Cancer Discovery

The most recent issue of Cancer Discovery published a News in Depth titled "Chinese, American Researchers Expand Collaborations", and highlighted the outstanding contributions of Dr. Wei Zhang and USCACA in

l Facilitating US-China collaborations between cancer researchers and physicians
l Giving awards to young investigators from China who make contributions in both countries.
l Helping transform the Chinese Journal of Cancer into an international journal.

USCACA-NFCR Joint Award in 2011

Outstanding young Chinese scholars making an impact in the US and China: a joint award program of the US Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and the US National Foundation for Cancer Research

USCACA Has Its Own Journal now: Chinese Journal of Cancer

USCACA has formed a highly successful partnership with the Chinese Journal of Cancer (CJC). CJC is an all English, PubMed-indexed, Open-access, and international journal that is officially affiliated with CACA. In this year, with support of many members of USCACA, the representation of international submissions to CJC has markedly increased.

Job: Medical Director at ACEA Bio

New Cancer Research Jobs in China

USCACA is teaming up with multiple pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in bringing to you the exciting career opportunities in China. Please follow the link to find more about these jobs and contact information.

New Job Openings in China

USCACA Board Member Elected President of Chinese Society of Oncology

        The 8th annual conference of Chinese Society of Oncology Standing Committee of Chinese Medical Association was held on Dec 24th 2010 in Beijing.  The general election of Chinese Society of oncology was carried out according to the bylaws of Chinese Medical Association.  Jin Gu, M.D., professor of colorectal surgery at Peking University Cancer Hospital was elected President of Chinese Society of Oncology. Professor Xishan Hao of Tianjin Cancer Hospital became the Past-President.  Both Drs. Gu and Hao have been founding members of USCACA Board of Directors. Dr.

The USCACA Scholar Award 2010


The USCACA Scholar Award of Clinical, Translational and Basic
Cancer Research



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