Call for nomination: USCACA 2023 Scholar Awards

U.S. Chinese Anti-­‐Cancer Association (USCACA美中抗癌协会) Asia Fund for Cancer Research (AFCR, 亚州癌症研究基金会) 2023 Scholar Awards

The USCACA and AFCR are pleased to invite nominations for the USCACA-­‐AFCR 2023 Scholar Awards.

The Awards will recognize 3 to 5 junior Chinese investigators on the basis of significant contributions in Translational or Clinical Cancer Research.
Candidacy is open to all Chinese researchers who were trained in the US and subsequently returned to China within the last five years or confirmed to return China by the end of 2023, and are currently active in translational and clinical cancer research in China. Selection of the award will be made on the basis of candidates’ meritorious achievements both during training in the US and after returning to China. The winners will receive an Award Recognition Plaque and an honorarium of $1,000 US dollars.
The 2023 Awards will be presented in a ceremony during the upcoming USCACA symposium.
Nominations can be submitted by either a USCACA member or a non-member. Please send your nominations as email attachments to the Scholarship Selection Committee of USCACA at, ensuring they are received no later than 12:00 midnight on October 20, 2023, US Eastern Standard Time.

The following materials must be included in the nominations:
1.  A nomination letter addressed to the Selection Committee, concisely describing the candidate's achievements for which he or she is being nominated (one page)
2. Candidate's curriculum vitae, including a complete list of his or her publications
3. Outline of the candidate’s research plan (one page)
4. Supporting letters: one from the US mentor and one from current director/chair/dean in China. 5. Please send the above documents in a single pdf file.

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美中抗癌协会(USCACA) 亚洲癌症研究基金(AFCR)

美中抗癌协会(USCACA)和亚州癌症研究基金会(AFCR)非常高兴地邀请提名参选USCACA-AFCR 2023学者奖。
2023年的奖项将在即将举行的美中抗癌协会研讨会上颁发。提名可以由美中抗癌协会会员或非会员提出,并应通过电子邮件 提交给美中抗癌协会的奖学金评选委员会,截止日期为2023年10月20日午夜,美国东部标准时间。